Treatments I Provide

Clinical Nutrition

We literally are what we eat. So it makes a lot of sense to put healthy foods in our body. I’ll guide you through the myriad of foods choices to make sure you’re eating the best way possible.

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Nutritional Supplements

Do you ever wonder if you should take vitamins or supplements or which ones you should take? Or do you find you get sold a lot of things at the health food store and you you’re not sure why? I can answer all those questions and make sure that you’re only taking the supplements you need.

Botanical Medicine

Herbal medicines have a wide range of documented healing properties, including the ability to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, decrease blood pressure, and regulate immune system activity.

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Lab Testing

As a part of my Naturopathic practice I provide conventional/routine blood tests as well as the following Naturopathic tests.
• Dysbiosis Assessment • Digestive Function Analysis • Food Sensitivity Testing • Nutritional Profile • Heavy Metal Toxicity Test

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Health Education & Lifestyle Counselling:

Lifestyle medicine recognizes that certain factors such as unhealthy diet, poor sleep habits or high stress are major contributors to developing illness. Lifestyle counseling is essential for good and sustainable health and Naturopathic doctors are the most rigorously trained in providing lifestyle medicine.

Conditions I Treat

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